Social Login-Magento-EzLogin-Extension
Rating - 4/5
Magento Connect
EzLogin Premium$49.00
EzLogin Premium comes with Facebook, Twitter,
Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn with Free Installation Support.
Compatible Magento Versions
1.5, 1.6, 1.7
Social Login-Magento-EzLogin-Extension
Rating - 5/5
Magento Connect
EzLogin LiteFREE
*EzLogin Lite is FREE!
EzLogin Lite comes with Facebook option.

Why EzLogin Extension?

To reduce the sign-up abandonment, VelanApps has developed a Magento Extension called EzLogin. This Extension allows visitors of the Magento web stores to sign in with one of their social networks like  Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo. The EzLogin Lite version is absolutely FREE!

Values Magento EzLogin extension brings to you:

EzLogin improves the shopping experience of the visitors:
It makes sign in process easier and eliminates the visitor registration process altogether.
For returning visitors, it is not necessary to remember store specific login credentials.
For store owners, with improved experience, more visitors are likely to sign up and purchase the products/services.

General Features of EzLogin Magento Extension:

Enables Users to login with one of their popular social accounts. EzLogin Lite version supports Facebook and EzLogin Premium version supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo in addition to Facebook.
Fetches customer profile from the logged in social account and displays them including the profile image.
Supports maximum basic templates in Magento.
Allows ‘EzLogin’ option to be integrated in the Magento’s checkout page also.
Does not affect any default features of Magento store.
User Email Confirmation for Twitter Social Login is required.
Allows users to sign up / sign in using same email with their social accounts, without creating any duplicate accounts.

Admin Features:

An user-friendly admin panel is available to:
       – enable/disable a particular social account easily.
       – modify login icon image and dimension to match the website’s theme.
       – change the URLs pointed by the login icons.


Store owners must have used Mangento to build their store application. Owners must already have accounts with the respective social accounts to integrate EzLogin with their stores.

Purchase Information:

Ezlogin Lite with Facebook option is absolutely FREE! EzLogin Premium at $49.
EzLogin license is valid for only one domain per purchase.

Installation Information:

Store owners can integrate EzLogin with their stores with the help of the instructions supplied with the EzLogin Extension. VelanApps also provides integration support at a nominal cost,
if the owners opt for the “Installation Support” while purchasing the extension.

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