Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications$25.00
Smart Notifications enables store owners to notify the customers with latest products, discounts,offers etc.,and thereby driving customers to highlighted areas in website.
Compatible Magento Versions
1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8
Smart Notifications-3
Installation SupportFREE
*Installation Support is FREE!

Smart Notifications is a Magento extension with 4 below features

Top Notification bar / Bottom Notification bar
Popup Banner
Back to top feature
Inject script or style in the header without help of a developer

General Features :

This easy-to-manage extension enhances shopper’s experience
The extension utilizes website’s vital real estate to showcase the latest offers, discounts etc., and increases the chance of customers visiting the targeted pages.
The extension reduces developers effort to configure and use as much as possible
Supports all major Magento templates
Does not affect any default features of Magento store

Admin Features :

An user-friendly admin panel is available to
Enable or Disable any of the 4 features like
      → Top/Bottom Notification bar
      → Popup Banner (with ability to act as landing popup)
      → Back to top feature
      → Inject script or style in the header without help of a developer
Store owner will have complete control over the features without having to get the help of a developer in most parts like
Top/Bottom Notification bar
      → Edit content with rich editor in admin panel
      → Edit the background color from 10 available colors
      → Edit height of the top notification bar
Popup banner
      → Edit content with rich editor in admin panel
      → Configure the animation effect for the banner
      → Configure whether the banner has to be shown at all the time or it has to be shown only once
      → Edit the valid date for the banner, so that the banner will be shown only within the from and to date configured
Back to top
      → Edit the image to be used for back to top with 4 available designs
      → Edit the speed at which user is taken to top
Inject script or style in the header
      → Add script/style

Purchase Information :

Smart Notifications License is valid for only one domain.
Installation Support is absolutely FREE
You can avail all these features for just $25

Installation Information :

Store owners can integrate Smart Notifications with their stores with the
help of the instructions supplied with the Smart Notifications Extension.

Compatible Magento Versions :

The extension is supported by Magento versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

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