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  • fingers DIPPED in paint to fingers working on Python,
  • creative words to tough web frameworks,
  • crafting a fluid UX to hacker-proofing your Web Application,

we’ve got tales ranging from SharePoint & Magento to being one of the Top 10 designers on an acclaimed global platform.



An experienced and tough team, featuring a healthy mix of creatives, geeks, and niche skill specialists. We’re less of a team and more of a symbiotic ecosystem whose sustenance is pivoted on technology.

HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, Java, Ruby, Python, XML, SQL, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento, SharePoint, etc. are the elements of the air that we breathe. Did we mention coffee? Add that.

Software Services

Velan Apps is wholly owned by and is a subsidiary of
Velan Info Services. Velan offers a wide ranging platter of services that serve multiple industries including Healthcare & Finance.

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