For all your enterprise software needs, VelanApps offers on-premise and on-cloud, software and web applications. We offer bespoke development services and can be hired using flexible engagement models. You can hire a developer or hire an entire team! Alternatively, we can take up the entire project and deliver stellar results at a remarkable speed. VelanApps has worked on creating software for multifarious domains and industry verticals. We have a decade of experience working wonders for Enterprises across the globe.

If you have an idea, we have the team to convert your idea into flawless working software. If off-the-shelf software doesn't meet your requirements and existing software solutions do not seem like the right fit, Velan can either help you customize a software solution or create novel software solutions from the ground-up! Unsure whether your brand new entrepreneurial idea is worth investing in?


Velan is well-versed with various CMS like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. CMSs help in creating websites that are easy to manage and update. The best way to create a website with an ongoing blog, would be to use a CMS. VelanApps takes care of building the website from ground-up using CMSs and adding all cosmetics using experienced developers - all you have to do is start posting and updating content. Using a CMS nullifies an ongoing dependency on developers. Once your site is up and running, you'd need zero coding experience to manage the content, pages and blog posts! So if you're looking at a versatile website with a powerful blog, look no further because VelanApps works with paid as well as open source CMS platforms.

Web and Mobile
Web and Mobile
Web and Mobile
Web and Mobile


If you want websites that look stunning on every screen size and sport an engaging UX/UI that prompts the user to connect with your brand, look no further, you're reached VelanApps. Call us now for a free consultation! Our experts would love to dissect your concerns and offer positive solutions for branding, websites and user-engagement.

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Web and Mobile


Velan has strong expertise in Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and whole lot of other popular eCommerce platforms. We offer design, setup and backend maintenance/operations for your store. For online stores that are loaded with features and light on the pocket, call VelanApps today!


From design to deployment, VelanApps can deliver stunning ecommerce websites that are equipped with all kinds of features for your customers! Be it coupon codes, wishlists, holiday offers, saved shopping carts or secure payment integration, VelanApps has you covered! Our ecommerce stores can give you the following amazing features:

  • Saved shopping carts
  • Coupon codes
  • Discount & sale setting
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Powerful backend for store owner
  • Customer database
  • Store integrations with third-party tools such as MailChimp, AddThis etc.
  • Users can login using their Social Logins
  • Endless possibilities of customizations
  • Flawless and error-free online store
  • SEO optimized store setup
  • Ability to integrate blogging
  • Highly scalable store
  • Secure payment integration (multiple options: PayPal, Credit Card, Mobile Wallets etc.)


Do you have an eCommerce store and wish it had more features? It seems like your wish is about to come true. We know that sounded cheesy but the fact is that whatever the feature you wish to add to your site, we can help! Maybe you're already scoured the internet for the perfect extension or plugin that can help your customers have an enhanced experience when purchasing from you - all to no avail? Don't fret because when you're knocking on the expert's door, you get nothing but perfection. Here are a few features we've recently helped our customers with:

  • Display related products in ecommerce blogs
  • Cross-selling and up-selling functionality
  • Social media integration at login, store, category, product and cart level
  • Buy as a group - split the price, pay individuallyand buy that gift!
  • Wishlist sharing
  • Receive donations on shared wishlists
  • Insightful reports for store owners
  • Powerful backend features for store owners
  • MailChimp Integrations
Web and Mobile

If you have an extraordinary feature that you want for your customers or yourself or your other store owners (in case of a multi-vendor store), VelanApps can not only create these features, but also offer support and maintenance thereafter.


With our decade long experience in ecommerce store, VelanApps can fix bugs quicker than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or perhaps quicker than when you say it backwards! Honestly, is your store acting up and doing things it's not supposed to? Messing up your customer data or your inventory? Certain functionalities in certain stores don't always work the way you want them to and that's what we're here for! Not all plugins or extensions fit in seamlessly with your store and more often than not, they'll be the culprits behind issues on your website.

Issues and glitches on ecommerce websites, unlike other regular websites will directly impact the revenue (in a bad way, if you're asking). VelanApps guarantees speedy resolutions (or thoughtful workarounds) to bugs/issues on your online ecommerce store.

  • Fixes for your online ecommerce store
  • Integration/installation help for plugins and extensions
  • Identify broken extensions/faulty plugins
  • Fix plugins or provide replacement ideas
  • Temporary workarounds or fixes major glitches


Migration and upgrades are two very different concepts - allow us to explain. Technology never halts and neither do platform/software versions. If you're using Magento 1, you might already be wondering how to upgrade your online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. VelanApps offer store upgrade services to help you upgrade your store from Magento1 to Magento2.

Most beginners who start out without professional help, tend to invest in an ecommerce portal only to realize that it no longer suits the needs of their ecommerce store, wishing they could shift their entire ecommerce store to a different platform altogether. Major reasons could be:

  • Existing portal lacks features
  • Limits the store's size
  • Offers limited bandwidth causing poor user experience
  • Is not upgrading with time
  • Is expensive in the long run
  • Not versatile or flexible

VelanApps offers

Store platform migration services

VelanApps has helped multiple store owners migrate their online ecommerce stores from one platform/provider to another e.g. migration from Shopify to Magento or migration from WordPress to Magento.

Web and Mobile

Store version upgrade

VelanApps offers online Store upgrade services in order to help store owners seamlessly upgrade their existing online stores to newer versions. Upgrades can help your store stay in tune with the trends and offer a dexterous experience to your clientele.

Web and Mobile




businesses use
Magento for eCommerce!
Magento platform can support up to


products per site


order per hour & multiple stores in a single site!


Is your organization looking for the perfect cloud-based application to suit its needs? Or are you an entrepreneur with a mobile app idea that's going to be the next big hit on Play Store? From robust web applications to versatile mobile applications, VelanApps uses the trending and trusted technologies and framewroks to deliver fluid, engaging and revenue generating applications.

Web Application


Got a great idea for a Web App? Let's dive in! We at Velan love a challenge. Using established industry best practices and robust frameworks such as Code Igniterand Laravel, Velan has time and again rolled out the most fluid, intuitive and powerful Web Applications forour clients. Whatever the business challenge, our skilled team has successfully delivered the right fit!

Web Application

Mobile Application

At Velan, we're more than familiar with the concept of converting agreat idea into an actionable device agnostic application. Be it iOS, Android, Microsoft, or all of them, we deliver designs that looks stunning on every device. We have a pool of experienced mobile app rock stars who work in solidarity with Design, UX and UI experts to churn out only the best.

Web and Mobile
Web and Mobile
Web and Mobile

Collaboration Services

Collaboration is essential in mid to large sized workplaces. Employee collaboration not only improves the productivity at workplace, but also inculcates a sense of control, ownership and accountability within the teams. VelanApps offer collaboration services using multiple cloud platforms, majorly SharePoint.


Web and MobileWeb and MobileWeb and MobileWeb and Mobile
Web and Mobile
  • Rich micro-blogging
  • An intuitive and expansive activity feed
  • Ability to follow docs, people, sites, tags etc.
  • Feature-rich discussion boards
  • Advanced, simplified and quite honestly, the best search ever.

with your

Web and Mobile
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Wide-ranging browser support
  • Easy record management
  • Reliable versioning


Web and Mobile
  • Highly functional intranets, extranets and public websites
  • Responsive & extremely customizable
  • Robust content management
  • SEO-friendly URLs & auto sitemap generation
  • Multilingual capability

Web Content

Web and Mobile
  • Compatible with a wide range of browsers and devices
  • Offers native iOS/Android support




  • Community sites
  • Content management
  • Deployment planning services
  • Branding & user experience
  • Collaboration
  • Design & architecture
  • Application/platform development
  • Website/intranet portal development
  • Document management

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  • Hire a SharePoint Developer
  • Hire a Team

Software Services

  • Migration
  • Upgrade SharePoint
  • SharePoint & Office 365
  • Support & maintenance
  • Performance optimization
  • QA & testing services
  • Support & maintenance
  • SharePoint Consulting


  • Infrastructure setup
  • Installation and configuration on-premise/on-cloud
  • Support and maintenance
  • Patches and upgrades
  • Optimization
  • Backup and disaster recovery
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Hire a
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