Trustable Application Maintenance And Support Services

In the extensively evolving market landscape, VelanApps provides comprehensive application maintenance and support services and guarantees the continuous working of the application. The whole process focuses on cost reduction and compliance with the agreements that have been done within the service level. It improves back-office services by developing its metrics strategy and promoting its enterprise value.

Application Maintenance And Support Services We Offered

Even if you have outsourced the best IT Team to develop an application, it is crucial to undertake continuous monitoring of the performance. For example, there could be technical glitches or managerial shortcomings that can be effortlessly managed through well-planned application maintenance and support activities.



VelanApps will make sure that your application is continuously improving its functionality and performance. Our main aim is to serve the business needs for which we put our focus on optimizing applications.


Security & Performance

We will help you get through any issue that relates to identifying and prevention. VelanApps conducts endless application performance monitoring to identify and resolve any type of issue. We reduce security risks and other vulnerabilities that come along the way.

Compliance & Troubleshooting

Compliance & Troubleshooting

Our experts help businesses to reduce the risk and maintain data integrity. Also, we will determine the issues and come up with solutions to reinforce application functionality in an instant. It is important to make sure that the application is working under the rules and regulations and satisfies the requirements.



At VelanApps, we will help you maintain documentation to record known issues and follow best practices for the application.

Changelog Management

Changelog Management

Our team of specialists will keep updating the application changes like implementing new features.

Help Desk

Help Desk

We provide round-the-clock help desk services for the end users. We ensure prompt response to their requests and any kind of issues.

Privileges Of Application Support & Maintenance Services

Being an eminent Web Application Support and Maintenance Services company, VelanApps is successful in addressing important issues like increasing efficiency and other crucial processes by using software application maintenance services.



We make use of multi-faceted Software Application support and maintenance services and include various flexible models that are tailored to different business requirements and objectives.

Cost Reduction


We provide a detailed and progressive compliance matrix to support your software application and deliver solutions that are easy to implement and expand.



VelanApps helps in improving the efficiency of the approaches that are followed focussed on continuous improvement and innovation.



We make sure to create an impact with personalized experiences offered from data and insights. This results in more targeted engagements.

Application Support And Maintenance Company

Choose The Right Application Support And Maintenance Company

Organizations must be careful in choosing a reliable company that will be partnering with them for Application Support & Maintenance Services. To land with a cost-effective maintenance and support system, companies need to follow a few crucial decisions.

Vast Experience

Be clear about the requirements.

Proven Excellence

Research the company thoroughly to make sure it aligns with your objectives.

Focused Expertise

Assess different platforms and choose the most suitable one.

Tailored Solutions

Improve the processes for continuous improvement and fixing bugs.

Trustworthy support : Bug fixes, features, security covered by strategic management, keeping you ahead of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

It alludes to predetermined rules that guarantee the application will function at its best and continuously throughout its life cycle. Technical assistance, bug fixes, adding new features, automation, and performance monitoring are all included.

We offer a broad range of applications like web, mobile, cloud, enterprise applications, and much more. Our team has the expertise to handle applications on a wide spectrum of platforms.

Application Maintenance is crucial in many aspects and plays a vital role in adding value to your business. Besides this, it aids in proper app functioning, allows innovations, increases the safety of the application, and enhances productivity through high user satisfaction.

Application Maintenance helps in reduced downtime, improves communication, enhances user experience, and is more efficient.

When we start working with new clients, we ensure that all the crucial process of Application Maintenance and Support is followed. It includes understanding the requirements of the clients, analyzing the current and existing software, designing customized solutions, and providing regular updates.