Usability Testing Services

Optimize your digital products with usability testing services from VelanApps and satisfy your customers.

UI And UX Testing Services - Scale Your Product From Ordinary To Extraordinary!

If you're launching a new application, new website or mobile app, or even if you are changing the existing software, VelanApps is always there to make your product better with our usability testing services. Our main focus always lies in delivering an awesome user experience.

VelanApps helps in gaining high customer retention with enhanced usability testing methodologies. These are a few advantages of selecting us..

  • Save money and time
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in conversion rates
UI And UX Testing Services

Our Strategy For Usability Software Testing

Usability testing puts real-time users in place to test your software product, mobile app or application with a methodological approach that benefits you to transform your business to a greater extent.

Are You Looking For Exploratory Usability Testing To Streamline Your Process?

Aspects of User Experience Testing Services

Test and Plan

Test and Plan

A well-planned and customized design of a usability test acts as a base for high-quality software.

Application Types

Data Collection

Our meticulous attention to detail and individualized approach that is tailored to your users particularly are what make us unique.

Application Types

Analytics and Reporting

We derive actionable insights through end-to-end analysis of the usability testing report. Concise report with the blend of both quantitative and qualitative analysis projects possibilities in creating a better user experience.

Application Types

Testing for Different Platforms

Our team of testers picks the target audience and ensures the efficiency of the information gathered. A thorough analysis of the customer feedback helps in crafting outstanding software.

Application Types

Usability Testing Services For Various Platforms

Ensuring seamless customer experience offers higher accessibility and customer retention.

Performance Testing

Website Usability Testing
There is no doubt websites act as digital stores creating the first impression on the users. Understanding the usability issues specific to your website like slow loading of the pages, poor design, inappropriate navigating links and low responsive pages can enhance custom experience. This plays a crucial role in ecommerce websites as they increase conversion rates.

Performance Testing

Mobile Application Usability Testing
Like websites, these days mobile apps have become more common, and performing usability testing on various mobile devices of different sizes and platforms helps in understanding the user experiences. They help in uncovering the struggles in the user flow, responsiveness, and intuitive interactions in the application.

Performance Testing

Software Usability Testing
From custom applications to large enterprise applications, usability tests play a vital role. You can delight your customer by determining the areas of improvement such as system compatibility, application functionality, and performance. This also helps in developing stable and user-friendly software applications.

Improve Your Software Quality, And Deliver Features Quickly With Our Usability Testing Solutions.

What Is Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of testers participating in testing depends on several factors. The general thumb rule is to have at least five testers but this could increase or decrease based on the needs and size of the software application.

Choosing to invest in professional usability testing has some of the following benefits:
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Elevated user satisfaction
  • High-Cost savings
  • Reduced time in delivery

Usability testing costs are not something that makes you worry. It is more budget-friendly with the right approaches like smaller groups for testing, key user segments, and prioritization.

Usually, it takes a few days to weeks to complete usability testing. However it actually depends on the complexity of the software, number of test cases and the people involved.