Ecommerce Website Development Services

Scale up your ecommerce business with VelanApps. We offer you top-class ecommerce stores which outperforms all competitors. VelanApps provides appealing, functional and responsive ecommerce websites to multiply your revenue.

What Ecommerce Services Does VelanApps Deliver?

We offer ecommerce website development services for B2B and B2C. Our services are not only superlative in quality but also exceptionally easy on your pocket.

Professional Ecommerce Web Development and Design

We provide end-to-end solutions for e-commerce businesses. Right from strategizing, integration, and designing to driving traffic, we offer an array of website development services.

Our advanced front-end development tools and JavaScript libraries ensure high-user interaction. Our designs are pixel-perfect, and the website structure is fast, responsive, and secure.

VelanApps protects, stores, and secures your online store through back-end development with powerful programming and scripting languages like Node.js, PHP, Python, and SQL. We integrate API, migrate and store customer data, which is useful for customer targeting.

Our e-commerce developers are experts in driving traffic to your stores by optimising the site for SEO. We make your website easy to find by customers by implementing all SEO techniques.

Ecommerce Mobile App Development

We provide exceptional ecommerce mobile app development for B2B, C2C, and B2C brands. VelanApps projects all your products and services online. We set you the impeccable ecommerce store and showcase the product imagery and purchase bucket list. We secure each transaction with reliable and easily accessible payment methods.

Our mobile application follows your customer's actions as we use geo-targeting and location-based push notifications by enhancing GPS technology. We exploit modern technologies like BLE Beacons NFC for location sensing and to provide secure payment options.

VelanApps also uses the latest technologies like Augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and cloud-driven back-end solutions in real-time for mobile applications.

We ensure that customers experience the multi-channel shopping experience with our app. Our developed mobile apps are compatible with iOS, Android, and other operating systems.

Custom Ecommerce Software Development

VelanApps focuses on developing app software maintaining and supporting them for better growth. Whatever your business entity, we understand the engagement model and generate software aligning with your needs.

We are a team of qualified software developers experienced in building from small to tedious software. We design and integrate custom web and mobile applications. We navigate your legacy app to modern technology and update it with UI/UX designs.

Our workflow is a streamlined process that includes analysis of the project, constructing a prototype, developing, and delivering, followed by maintenance and support for a lifetime.

VelanApps leverage block chain, augmented reality, and AI technologies and use various programming languages like Java, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and so on. We technically speak for your business as we have worked across multiple domains and industries.

Ecommerce DevOps Services

We handle your projects with our expert team or lend help in the middle of your ongoing project. VelanApps maintains an in-house software developer who works on your projects. Our working process is transparent and productive enough to reap the desired results in a short time.

We also help our clients utilize the flexible hiring model, where you can choose the developers on a contract basis. Our VelanApps team head manages the team and communicates the process of development issues. Throughout the process, you can review and make modifications according to your business needs.

VelanApps successfully works on any IT assets using our DevOps teams. We merge tech experts and product development centres to line up the efficiency, leading to scaling up your business.

Ecommerce UX/UI Design Services

VelanApps is the best UI/UX design involved in providing meaningful and functional design solutions for your websites. We are the creative minds in building simple and elegant designs which go as an ease on customer’s viewpoint.

We analyse your target audience and start producing designs that align with your product features. We constantly test and improve our interfaces for an intuitive user experience.

We strategies, prepare possible layouts and designs and create prototypes for your projects. We thoroughly check the functionality and provide a final product with precision.

Working with B2B, SaaS, B2C, or whatever the business model is, our working process focuses on end-to-end UI/UX design and development.

Our extensive Ecommerce Development solution from start to end

Our result-driven process of working involves improved strategies and collaboration. VelanApps ecommerce website development services include


Unified Data Source

Merging the customer data and preparing insights for your e-commerce marketing campaigns


Cross Channel Engagement

Enhancing the user experience through instant and automotive interactions by seamless multi-channel coordination.


Individual User Insights

Producing customised websites, understanding the business model and their needs.


Focused Targeting

Tracking the customer behaviour and segmenting them for retargeting based on a business marketing campaign.


Real-time Information

Assessing the website and marketing campaign performance in a constant and real-time manner for better functioning.


Streamline Business Processes

Comprehensive analysis of business data and customer actions through AL and ML-enhanced technologies

Our Ecommerce Web Development Team Utilise Innovative Tools

We employ sophisticated new-age tools to activate the ultimate user experience. We automate the user interaction on the website and ensure converting every lead to sales. Our e-commerce experts update and leverage all technologies through hands-on practice.

  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Block chain

Reasons to Choose VelanApps for Ecommerce Development Services



VelanApps is a prominent website builder with 18 years of experience working with many clients. We modify and improve constantly to deliver outstanding results at a reasonable cost.



VelanApps has tried and tested website development processes, and we sincerely choose the one which suits your online store. Trust our organised process as it has worked for many business people.



VelanApps is committed to providing bespoke solutions. Customising your website is our expert’s job. B2B ecommerce development software or B2C online store, we cover all.


Value Addition

We portray every business as a professional by enhancing its service portfolio. VelanApps is dedicated to adding extra-value services, attracting customers, and bringing the utmost satisfaction.


Timely Deliveries

VelanApps ecommerce developers give the trust of timely delivery with accuracy and precision.


Secured and Economical

Our system offers total data security using veteran website developers. We charge a reasonable fee for our clients.

The VelanApps Advantage

What Are The Technologies We Use?

VelanApps is dedicated to transforming businesses through innovative yet simple digital solutions. This involves combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with our creative insights to deliver desired results that enable to accomplish your goals and more.

Our team of seasoned professionals are proficient in a wide array of technologies, ensuring that we can tackle diverse projects with grace.

Explore the technologies and tools we employ to give you the best results.

Enriching Business Potential through Innovation and Technology

Back-End Programming Languages

  • net
  • php
  • python
  • Java
  • node

Front-End Programming Languages

  • html
  • css
  • js

JavaScript Frameworks

  • angular
  • react
  • meteor
  • vue
  • next
  • ember


  • ios
  • android
  • xamarin
  • cordova
  • pwa
  • reactnative
  • flutter
  • ionic
  • swift
  • kotlin


  • magento

Databases / Data Storages

  • sqlserver
  • mysql
  • sql
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb

Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage

  • amazons3
  • redshift
  • amazondynamodb
  • documentdb
  • rds
  • amazoneelasticache
  • azuresql
  • azureblob
  • dynamic
  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • sharepoint
  • servicenow
  • power
  • sap
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What Is Our Work

We offer customised pricing based on your requirement. If you have an idea on your mind, do contact us, we can discuss and come up with a cost-effective solution that optimally supports your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

VelanApps is a powerful patrol for your website development services. Whether start-ups or established businesses, we accompany your digital journey. Rendering specific services to midway projects is also what we cover up. We make your customers enjoy their shopping experience, eliminating the bugs and website complexities.
We do consultation for your projects, design captivating websites, strategize marketing campaigns, and analyse the metrics accurately. We shape your ideas and make you a profitable commercial brand. From ideation to launching the e-commerce store, we embrace all the website development process.

The ecommerce website development cost changes according to your business entity and demands. Usually, start-ups require less cost for modelling a website compared to medium-sized and large e-commerce stores. Providing multiple functionalities and integration with social platforms and perfect product imaging costs a large amount. But at VelanApps, we deploy modern tools to deliver effective websites at affordable costs.
Our packages will include another fee, which includes domain and hosting services, custom templates, cross-system integration, and features. Also, the cost includes the ecommerce website developers and designers charge. Talk with our experts to get the estimated cost of constructing a customised website for your business.

  • The website should load faster and provide an easy user experience to reduce the bounce rate of the customers.
  • E-commerce stores should be designed aesthetically appealing to attract potential leads
  • The ecommerce websites must be optimised for SEO.
  • Developing website content aligning with the user’s intent can make your audience search for you organically.
  • Using reliable payment and checkout methods
  • Integration of website across various platforms for marketing campaigns
  • Optimising websites for mobile viewing

Building a professional website is possible, but making it to the standard of website developers requires skill. Further, running a full-time e-commerce business and developing a website as a side process will be a daunting task.
Building a professional website needs tech knowledge, designing skills, and digital marketing skills. By having a higher-end website, you will attract quality leads and drive conversions. Thus, we advise you to hire VelanApps as it is a professional ecommerce web development company that delivers superior websites which drive traffic and conversion in a limited period.

Thorough and deep auditing of the website is the first task to improve the website performance. VelanApps employs tech developers to analyse and prepare an insightful report on customer behaviour and website’s performance. The assured ways to improve the performance are auditing the existing website for flaws and fixing them.
Further, building a personal brand, revamping the product imagery, providing a variety of service functionalities, and building dynamic page designs are some of the ways to improve your website. Finally, we will help you adjust your website content and campaigns.