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Why Us Node JS?

Node JS applications are deployed and managed using this tool.Many third-party technologies are compatible and function well with it. Many firms use Node JS in their products, including LinkedIn, Trello, Uber, PayPal, and Medium. For high-performance applications. The performance of multithreading is unrivalled.

Our Node JS engineers are experts at creating a variety of online applications. As a leading Node.js development firm, VelanApps assists clients in delivering web development solutions that function across many media. VelanApps provides the following Node.JS Web development services

custom nodes dev

Custom Node JS Development

custom nodes dev

Real-time Application Development

custom nodes dev

Maintenance and Up Gradation

custom nodes dev

Plugin Development

custom nodes dev

Node JS Migration

Are You Looking For a Team of Dedicated Node.JS Developers?

VelanApps offers the highly trained and experienced designers and developers you require to begin planning and executing your project immediately. Do you believe that using Node JS will be beneficial to you? Yes, it is! Our services are designed to help you get the most out of our development resources. You may rest well knowing that

  • The most effective use of Node JS's features and functionalities
  • Data confidentiality for NDAs Project deliverables that are innovative
  • Conduct Interviews with Potential Candidates
  • Complete client satisfaction is ensured
  • Customization according to the needs of the business
  • An iterative approach to customer requirement adherence and review

Why Hire Node JS Developers From VelanApps?

Take a look at how wise decisions helped young entrepreneurs grow into leading brands. When you engage a Node js development firm like VelanApps, you gain years of expertise developing backend solutions that are tailored to your unique business requirements. Engage a Node developer to extend the functionality of your apps with web extensions and plug-in by leveraging existing APIs. Plug-in are also necessary for patching a defect or filling up gaps. Some of the advantages of hiring Node.js engineers VelanApps are listed.


for Programming

We employ the most advanced and trendy coding languages in the labyrinth of many coding languages that are used at VelanApps.


Tools for
State Management

Our state management tools ensure that you get the best possible development experience.


of Middleware

Our middleware libraries provide as a link between other programs, tools, and databases in order to provide users with a unified experience.

We employ the following to ensure that our applications are of consistent quality and functioning.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your industry.

What Are The Technologies We Use?

VelanApps is dedicated to transforming businesses through innovative yet simple digital solutions. This involves combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with our creative insights to deliver desired results that enable to accomplish your goals and more.

Our team of seasoned professionals are proficient in a wide array of technologies, ensuring that we can tackle diverse projects with grace.

Explore the technologies and tools we employ to give you the best results.

Enriching Business Potential through Innovation and Technology

Back-End Programming Languages

  • net
  • php
  • python
  • Java
  • node

Front-End Programming Languages

  • html
  • css
  • js

JavaScript Frameworks

  • angular
  • react
  • meteor
  • vue
  • next
  • ember


  • ios
  • android
  • xamarin
  • cordova
  • pwa
  • reactnative
  • flutter
  • ionic
  • swift
  • kotlin


  • magento

Databases / Data Storages

  • sqlserver
  • mysql
  • sql
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb

Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage

  • amazons3
  • redshift
  • amazondynamodb
  • documentdb
  • rds
  • amazoneelasticache
  • azuresql
  • azureblob
  • dynamic
  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • sharepoint
  • servicenow
  • power
  • sap
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What We Actually Do?

To deploy your Node JS projects, hire Node JS engineers. VelanApps supply competent engineers to complete your projects and deliver them properly. We have over 4 years of expertise handling Node JS projects. VelanApps engages in the provision of Node JS development programs to assist you build massively scalable and efficient Create scalable projects that you can deploy whenever you want with the correct people. Hire Node JS engineers from us now to assure project delivery and satisfaction with our Zero Analyst Risk contingency guarantee. Hire VelanApps Node JS expert to get your project off the ground right now. VelanApps demonstrates how to hire NodeJS developers in one session. Candidate selection from our ready-to-hire pool.



are Screened


are shortlisted


Conduct Interviews
with Potential


Recruit the
Within a day

Our Node JS Developers Hiring Model

VelanApps presents three highly adaptable hiring models, tailored to accommodate your specific hiring needs. You have the flexibility to hire Node Js developer or programmers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

Enterprise Solution

Part-time Developer

80 Hours/Month
  • 4 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Monthly Billing
  • Hiring Period (min) - 80 Hours
  • Availability - As and when required
Enterprise Solution

Full-Time Developer

160 Hours/Month
  • 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Billing cycle : Monthly
  • Minimum Duration : 1 months
Enterprise Solution

Hourly Developer

Custom Hours
  • Monthly Billing
  • Hiring Period (min) - 40 Hours
  • Availability - On Demand
  • Quick On-boarding

What Is Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js is well-suited for real-time applications due to its event-driven nature. Our developers can use technologies like Socket.IO to implement real-time features such as chat, notifications, and live updates.

Our Node.js developers are primarily focused on server-side development, but many are also proficient in building full-stack applications. Our developers can work with frameworks like React or Angular for frontend development in conjunction with Node.js on the backend.

Security is crucial, and Node.js developers should follow best practices for secure coding, authentication, and authorization. Our developersaware of potential security vulnerabilities and take measures to protect applications from common threats.