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Services For Full-Stack PHP Web Development

Our technical quality in PHP front-end, e-Commerce solutions, and online applications, along with agile development processes, has enabled us to provide a wide range of PHP-related services. VelanApps full-stack PHP developers have considerable knowledge with everything from back-end to front-end database and hence give best-in-class solutions to clients. Our expert full-stack developers are well-versed in PHP to MEAN Stack, Laravel, and other technologies. When you engage PHP programmers, we may provide you with the following sensitive solutions:

PHP Application Development

You may rely on our dependable PHP development talents to create a highly secure, responsive, resilient, and high-performance PHP web portal, CMS, or apps. Our skilled PHP programmers have elevated us to the top of the PHP development

E-Commerce Development Using PHP

Determine what type of team you need and what skills are required. This will help you narrow your search and find the right team for your project.

Custom PHP Development

Our skilled team of core PHP and CMS professionals has created and produced bespoke websites, e-Commerce stores, services, and gateways that enable the organization to scale quickly and remain prospective.

Enterprise Portal Development

In today's knowledge-intensive economy, enterprise portals have evolved into unified "anytime-anywhere access" platforms for information distribution. VelanApps provides end-to-end enterprise portal creation services.

Website Maintenance and Support

VelanApps offers comprehensive website maintenance and support services, upkeep to meet all of your online business requirements, including webhosting, e-mail, and tracking assistance.

PHP Upgradations & Migrations

Stay current and secure with our PHP upgrade and migration services. We ensure a smooth transition to the latest PHP versions, enhancing performance, security, and compatibility. Our expert team handles all aspects of the migration process.

Why Should You Hire
VelanApps PHP Web Developer?

With the progress of technology, there is an urgent need to develop such applications that are both dependable and cost-effective. PHP is the programming language of choice for complex web applications in a wide range of organizations. VelanApps is a reputable web development company renowned for its revolutionary PHP-based solutions. Employ our qualified developers that are eager to discover new technologies. As a top PHP development firm, we ensure that you receive innovative and customized products.

Web Design on the Fly


PHP's adaptability made it suited for a wide range of applications. This platform is simple to use. To create complex web applications our professionals can use platforms such as code igniter, cake PHP, and the YII PHP framework.

Web Design on the Fly

Time Zone Flexibility

We are always available to work in your country's time zone. Hire one of our skilled developers to complete the task in your time zone.

Web Design on the Fly

High level of team strength

Our customers' typical experience PHP engineers have more than three years of experience. We have a large PHP team on staff developers.

Web Design on the Fly

Premium Solution

To ensure the lowest pricing in our category, we offer an optimal blend of cost-effective prices and outstanding quality.

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What Are The Technologies We Use?

VelanApps is dedicated to transforming businesses through innovative yet simple digital solutions. This involves combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with our creative insights to deliver desired results that enable to accomplish your goals and more.

Our team of seasoned professionals are proficient in a wide array of technologies, ensuring that we can tackle diverse projects with grace.

Explore the technologies and tools we employ to give you the best results.

Enriching Business Potential through Innovation and Technology

Back-End Programming Languages

  • net
  • php
  • python
  • Java
  • node

Front-End Programming Languages

  • html
  • css
  • js

JavaScript Frameworks

  • angular
  • react
  • meteor
  • vue
  • next
  • ember


  • ios
  • android
  • xamarin
  • cordova
  • pwa
  • reactnative
  • flutter
  • ionic
  • swift
  • kotlin


  • magento

Databases / Data Storages

  • sqlserver
  • mysql
  • sql
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb

Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage

  • amazons3
  • redshift
  • amazondynamodb
  • documentdb
  • rds
  • amazoneelasticache
  • azuresql
  • azureblob
  • dynamic
  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • sharepoint
  • servicenow
  • power
  • sap
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What Are We To Do?

Hire PHP developers for everything from simple to complex corporate websites, e-commerce solutions, digital apps, and content management. So, if you're looking for a PHP developer, contact VelanApps. Participate in one of the most popular open-source scripting languages for enhancing the performance of your websites and web apps. From the most basic PHP apps to the most sophisticated portals, we have a pool of Top PHP developers with a diverse set of talents. When you employ PHP developers from us, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Step 01

    Candidates are Screened

  • Step 02

    Development that is secure and risk-free

  • Step 03

    Complete command of the team

  • Step 04

    Developers that are certified

Our PHP Developers Hiring Model

VelanApps presents three highly adaptable hiring models, tailored to accommodate your specific hiring needs. You have the flexibility to hire PHP developer or programmers on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis.

Enterprise Solution

Part-time Developer

80 Hours/Month
  • 4 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Monthly Billing
  • Hiring Period (min) - 80 Hours
  • Availability - As and when required
Enterprise Solution

Full-Time Developer

160 Hours/Month
  • 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Billing cycle : Monthly
  • Minimum Duration : 1 months
Enterprise Solution

Hourly Developer

Custom Hours
  • Monthly Billing
  • Hiring Period (min) - 40 Hours
  • Availability - On Demand
  • Quick On-boarding

What Is Our Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many PHP developers are proficient in both frontend and backend development. They can handle tasks related to server-side logic, database interactions, as well as frontend development using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Yes, experienced PHP developers are typically skilled in integrating third-party APIs seamlessly into web applications. They can connect your application with various services, ensuring smooth functionality and interoperability.

There are a number of ways to find a reputable PHP developer. You can start by asking for referrals from your network of colleagues and business partners. You can also search online directories of PHP developers. Once you have found a few potential developers, be sure to check their online reviews and testimonials.

PHP developers should follow best practices for secure coding, input validation, and protection against common vulnerabilities. Ensure that they are aware of security considerations, including data encryption, user authentication, and protection against SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.