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VelanApps has the expertise to turn your ideas into workable solutions and complete end-to-end Artificial Intelligence consulting. Our AI consultants support you throughout the whole AI implementation lifecycle.

How Is VelanApps AI Services Different?

We design your system using open architectures and adaptable AI software development services kits to facilitate continuous innovation and speed up the incorporation of new parts. Through our extensive suite of services, we ensure that all of your requirements are taken care of.

We provide the following services:

  • AI Strategy and Design for deployment of AI inside your company
  • AI Operations to create your scalable AI and analytical infrastructure
  • AI Systems Engineering to assist you in designing
  • AI R&D and Enabling Capabilities to progress solutions
  • Improving decision-making with data science and analytics
VelanApps AI Services Different

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

AI Strategy and Design: Encouraging AI Adoption in Organisations


The Engineering

It is necessary to design for the mission by finding relevant applications for AI throughout the organisation with mission-related use cases, re-engineering mission processes and techniques, integration planning, and metrics.

AI Transformation Change Management

AI Transformation &
Change Management

To get organisations ready to apply AI ethically and comprehensively throughout the workplace, develop organisational AI strategies and implementation plans.

Design with the User in Mind

Design with the
User in Mind

Create user interfaces and experiences that let people use AI products and solutions more effectively for organisational and mission-related goals.

Workplace Education Training

Workplace Education
& Training

Create educational opportunities and training programmes to train your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to use AI to advance the purpose.


Tech Scouting and
Setting Priorities

Determine the most promising new technological developments and rank them according to how well they will fill in the gaps and progress the goals of the mission.

Inclusive and Ethical

Inclusive and Ethical
AI Integration

Ensure that AI implementation is inclusive, ethical, and aligned with organizational values by actively addressing bias, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in AI development.

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AI Engineering Systems Create And Produce
Extremely Perceptive Systems

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Designing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Modern AI system architectures that make use of hybrid software and services to further the goal are designed, customised, and integrated.

Information Technology


Designed, modified, and integrated pipelines and data sources to allow batch and real-time data processing and ingest for AI modelling and inference.

Software Engineering for AI

Software Engineering
for AI

Complete lifecycle development and end-to-end implementation of AI-powered tools, programs, and infrastructure based on your own unique business requirements.

Algorithm and Model Creation

Algorithm and Model

Utilise standard frameworks to create, train, and test data models that are explicable, repeatable, and auditable in order to shorten cycle times and improve decision-making.

Advanced Solutions For Developing

Advanced Solutions For Developing Missions Using AI R&D And Enabling Capabilities


Research, technical advice, and counter-AI strategy on protecting your data and models against efforts to skew, undermine, and alter judgements and results.

Proven Excellence

Research and development of methods for distributing, retraining, and reinforcing machine learning across a variety of platforms and environments.

Focused Expertise

In order to identify possible gaps and mission risk areas, we provide strategy, research, and technical advice knowledge on how to use the transformative power of quantum mechanics principles.

Tailored Solutions

Research, development, and implementation of hardware and technical advice for federated model training and inference across dispersed sites while maintaining the data at rest.

Tailored Solutions

To sustain a competitive edge for AI systems on a large scale, research into new sensors, data kinds, storage technologies, synthetic/training solutions, data fabrics, and data processing applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using powerful machine learning and software applications, applied AI offers great levels of accuracy and adaptability over time. Contextualising business models and industrial processes, along with enhancing our interactions with everything around us, is what applied AI is all about.

Artificial Intelligence Development Services may be seamlessly integrated with your apps to handle popular use cases like personalised suggestions, updating your contact centre, enhancing safety and security, and raising customer engagement.

AIPaaS, or AI Platform as a Service, is a cloud-based platform that gives data scientists and developers the resources and tools they need to create, train, and implement AI models and applications. Custom AI Software development kits are often included with AIPaaS (SDKs). Frameworks for machine learning. APIs.

AI-powered systems may comb through massive volumes of data to spot unusual activity and harmful activities, like a fresh zero-day assault. AI can also automate a lot of security procedures, including patch management, which will make it easier to keep on top of your cyber security requirements.

AI is a sophisticated data processing software. It uses statistical reasoning to provide predictions, suggestions, or judgements (this is especially true for machine learning types of AI). Hence, AI would typically fall under the category of software.