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For a long time now, VelanApps has provided data analytics services to businesses, assisting them in breaking down data silos, and gaining access to reliable data for long-term planning. VelanApps is a trustworthy supplier of business intelligence services, meeting the demands of enterprises in reporting, data storage, and business analytics.

VelanApps For Any BI Consulting Services

BI analytics consulting services provided at VelanApps are all encompassing. We provide BI consulting services if you want assistance with BI deployment or optimization. Whatever your business requirements, we are here to provide a solution from business intelligence point of view.

It includes doing the following:

  • Examining the methods for data management currently in place.
  • Providing more details on the plan for BI deployment or enhancement.
  • Conceptualization, architectural design, and technology selection for BI solutions.
  • Establishing data governance.
  • Overseeing the cloud transfer of Business Intelligence solutions.
  • Adoption strategy by users, etc.
Why Should You Go For Data Analytics?

Business Intelligence Solutions We Provide

Business intelligence (BI) systems automatically derive insights from the input records by integrating data from several sources and using sophisticated analytics methods. Businesses may get a 360-degree perspective of their operations and performance by combining corporate data into a single point of truth thanks to business intelligence.

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VelanApps Process Of Business Intelligence Implementation

Knowledge and Experience


We identify opportunities for a business’s requirement and forecast trends that can guarantee success. We look for bottlenecks to ensure smooth strategic planning.

Flexible and Scalable

Plan Execution and Performance Monitoring

We measure your business performance against pre-set benchmarks. We make a comparison for planned and actual performance to point out deviations.

Technological Innovation

Decision Making

By understanding your corporate data, we analyse the information through various viewpoints. We highlight growth opportunities and any potential risks.

Customer Satisfaction


By understanding your current processes, we try to optimize the internal performance and operations by employing business analytics insights.

bi implementation

BI Implementation

BI requirements

VelanApps conducts a BI requirements analysis to provide a comprehensive BI solution customized to meet your business's demands.

Developing the architectural

Developing the architectural and conceptual framework for the BI solution.

Establishing data governance

Establishing data governance includes master and metadata management, data security, and data quality management.

Creating the data lake

Creating the data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports, and dashboards that make up the BI solution.

enhancing data science skills

If needed, enhancing data science skills, quality control of BI solutions, migration of data, and support and development of BI solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Services for designing, developing, and implementing business processes and integrating, maintaining, and overseeing associated technological platforms and apps are referred to as business intelligence (BI) services. These include data warehousing infrastructure, business analytics consulting requirements, and business and infrastructure applications for BI systems.

The process of locating and evaluating data inside an organization in order to make wise business choices is known as business intelligence. Business Intelligence (BI) includes various technologies and techniques, from data organization and analysis to reporting.

Business intelligence uses pertinent data to enhance an organization's business operations. Businesses that use business intelligence (BI) tools and practices well may turn the data they gather into insightful knowledge about their strategy and business operations.

Any firm has to have business intelligence. This is how BI helps a company:
Lowering costs: The ability of business intelligence to drastically cut expenses for an organization is its greatest asset. This may be accomplished by boosting operational effectiveness, locating and removing delays and backlogs, identifying the main reason, seeking a solution, and eliminating unnecessary resources.
Income growth: BI's next big value addition is assisting a company in boosting its revenue. Revenue may be increased by upskilling the current workforce, improving market research, communicating better between leadership and end users, and implementing product design based on consumer behaviour studies.
Increasing end-user happiness is crucial for any firm looking to improve customer satisfaction. While there are many ways to satisfy customers, business intelligence (BI) can contribute by giving them access to factual information, conducting competitive analysis to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of rivals' products, and examining customer problems to facilitate prompt resolution. Several things influence a business intelligence system and have the power to succeed or fail. Even if hundreds of variables impact a business intelligence system, we may classify them as follows.

Data Sourcing, Data Engineering & Analysis, Situation Awareness, Decision Making, and Decision Support are the five phases of business intelligence. Reporting, Analysis, Monitoring, Predicting and forecasting, and Predictive Modelling are some examples of their levels of complexity.