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Functional Testing Services

Every project has functional requirements that should be met no matter what. We will ensure your project complies with the functional requirements, all while taking up very minimal time.

We Are Your Functional Testing Solution

VelanApps offers comprehensive functional testing services to guarantee your digital products software, mobile apps, and web applications meet their functional requirements at every level of granularity. With over years of experience, we've excelled in multi-level API and UI functional testing for solutions of diverse technological and architectural complexities.

Our Functional Testing Services Ensure:

  • Functional requirement check
  • Expected behaviour
  • Superior User Experience
Functional Testing Solution

What Are Our Functional Testing Services Offerings?

VelanApps offers the entire array of functional testing. Our Functional Testing Services are as follows:

At VelanApps, We Take Your Software Testing Needs To The Next Level, Delivering Results That Matter.

What Type of Applications Does VelanApps Test?

Enterprise Software and Applications

Enterprise Software and Applications

Supplying top-notch enterprise apps and software. To maximize efficiency and improve user experience, our knowledgeable staff provides accurate functional testing services. With our help, increase the dependability of your program.

eCommerce Software

eCommerce Software and Applications

Boost the success of your online store with our functional testing services. Our software base is strong and dependable, ensuring optimal user experience and flawless performance for your organization.

IoT Solutions

Mobile Apps and IoT Solutions

With our accurate functional testing services, you can improve your IoT solutions and mobile applications. Make sure everything works smoothly and consistently to provide a great user experience.

Data Solutions

Business Intelligence and Data Solutions

Utilize our thorough functional testing services to maximize your business intelligence and data solutions. We guarantee effectiveness and precision, enabling you to make data-driven choices.

Key To Exceptional

VelanApps Key To Exceptional Functional Testing Services

Vast Experience

Vast Experience:
Our testing team possesses deep analytical knowledge and extensive experience, ensuring a strong match for your project's unique requirements.

Proven Excellence

Proven Excellence: Many distinguished clients entrust their quality assurance and software testing to us, reflecting our reputation in the industry.

Focused Expertise

Focused Expertise: Our testers specialize in evaluating software functionality across various domains, with a particular emphasis on communications and technology.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions: At VelanApps, we understand the individuality of each project and customize our approach to meet your specific needs.

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment: Our experts meticulously assess each application function independently before undertaking comprehensive system-level functional testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Functional testing ensures that a software application performs its intended functions. It is crucial for identifying and fixing any functional issues to ensure a reliable and user-friendly product.

Functional testing focuses on validating the functions of a software application, ensuring that each component works as expected. In contrast, other testing types, such as performance testing or security testing, address different aspects of software quality.

Our functional testing process includes test planning, test case design, execution, defect reporting, and regression testing. We follow industry best practices to ensure comprehensive coverage of your application's functionalities.

We prioritize data security and confidentiality. Our teams adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, and we employ secure testing environments to safeguard your application throughout the testing process.