Best Website Redesign Services

Through UX and UI redesign, website redesign services assist in changing a website's current appearance and feel. To guarantee longer visitor visits and a greater conversion rate, VelanApps offers entire website redesign services.

Reasons To Consider A Website Redesign

Incorporating new features and improving navigation into a revamped website helps boost engagement and conversion rates. Redesigning also allows optimization for improved visibility and higher rankings, which is crucial as search engine algorithms are always evolving. It helps in better ranking of your website

Here are some statistics that would compel you to look at website re-designing

  • It takes less than 0.05 seconds for your website visitors to form an opinion.
  • 94% of visitors create a strong image of your company in the following five seconds.
  • There are very few prospects for you to get a consumer in the near future. Gain the confidence of potential customers by creating perfect designs.
Consider A Website Redesign

How You Benefit With VelanApps Website Redesign Agency

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Our Web Redesign Company Service Options

Custom Web Redesign

Custom Web Redesign

Comprehensive strategy and planning, distinctive UX and UI design, SEO, and quality control are all included in our bespoke web design deliverables.

eCommerce Website Redesign

eCommerce Website Redesign

Using our eCommerce website redesign services, you may have a fully functional online shop with top security features, industry-leading integrations, easy-to-use navigation, and a quick checkout procedure.

UI Tailored for Professional Users

B2B Website Redesign

Increasing your brand's internet visibility is the only objective of our experienced team.With unique graphics, calls-to-action, and enhanced functionality, VelanApps will transform your brand and provide the B2B designs that you need.

SEO Website Redesign

SEO Website Redesign

Your website will be redesigned, optimized, and monitored by VelanApps. We'll keep an eye on your website's functionality to gather insightful data and improve your online visibility.

SaaS UI Design Service Options

Steps in Website Redesigning

Scaling your most creative ideas

Initial Assessment
Evaluate the present website thoroughly, finding its strong points as well as its weak points and potential improvement areas.

Website Design

Strategic Planning
Create a structured plan for the redesign that lays out the desired outcomes, including but not limited to: bettering the user experience, increasing page speed, and meeting certain company objectives.

Mobile Designs

Design and Development
Adopt a mobile-first approach, prioritize page performance, and implement user interface and experience improvements in accordance with the strategic strategy.

Brand Designs

Content Migration
Carry out a detailed plan for migrating material, using both automated and manual ways to make sure everything goes smoothly and securely.

SaaS Designs

Testing and Launch
Just before a public debut, make sure the new website is fully functional, fast, and responsive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website revamp services improve your website's operation, usability, and appearance to boost visitors, engagement, and conversions. Search engine optimization is often included in website redesign services, which also include design and development work.

First, a little word about semantics to ensure you're in the proper spot. The number and scope of modifications you make during the process will determine whether what you're doing qualifies as a redesign or refresh:

A redesign often indicates major changes to a website's code and look. For instance, a new content management system (CMS) is introduced, pages are reorganized from a user experience perspective to include new modules and functionality, the information format is changed, and a new visual identity and branding are all launched at around the same time.

It's called a refresh when just little adjustments are made to the website's basic functioning and structure. For instance, the site's aesthetic is refreshed with a fresh typographic style and colour scheme, or certain page templates get minor UX improvements.

Even while a redesign and a refresh may need different amounts of resources, they are both going to have a big influence on your clients and how they interact with your website.

If you want to remain relevant to your audience, you need to update your website. Update your website to reflect any recent brand updates or upcoming changes. Your website should fairly represent your company. You risk losing quality leads and brand reputation if it doesn't.

A good bespoke website design process will take around nine months to complete. If you want to do it well, it will also take some time from the original idea to launch, even if every company's website redesign process is different.

Through substantial changes to your existing website's coding, content, structure, and aesthetics, a redesign may increase sales, decrease bounce rates, and enhance user experience (UX). Keeping up with the most recent trends and best practices in web design is also beneficial.