Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software that easily automates repetitive tasks within multiple industries and processes. These software robots mirror the actions of humans by linking digital systems and software. Today, almost 70% of organizations have started to pilot automation technologies for their business processes.

Robotic Process Automation Services At VelanApps

The Automated Robotic Processing services cultivate your organization by offering software tools, intelligent bots, automated systems, and improved strategies to hasten repetitive tasks that are complex in nature and enforce the whole business process.

By following the implementation services offered by the robotic process automation solutions, you can redefine the present and future state of your business processes and facilitate inventive or intelligent automation throughout your organization. Irrespective of where you are in the RPA journey, VelanApps RPA Consultant will ensure and assist businesses with each process right from the start to the end.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation Consulting Solutions

Align with our experience in RPA consulting that will help in assessing and analyzing the organization's readiness, identifying opportunities, formulating the possible potential, and constructing a roadmap for successful adoption of the process automation.

Automation Design

Automation Design

When you first interpret RPA implementation models that will be suitable for your company and its workflows, and then design an automation architecture to get a clear understanding of the Robotic Process Automation solution applicable to your organization.

RPA Development

RPA Development

Using UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate, and other robotic automation tools, you can create RPA-based applications that are pre-defined. Furthermore, you should deploy an advanced strategy and get the benefits automatically for your business.

Support for Automation

Support for Automation
and Infrastructure

We will ensure that your RPA application and Automation software is performing well. Likewise, we help you maintain the productivity of your automated processes and guide you in finding new opportunities.

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Benefits Of Using Robotic Process Automation Services

The process of Responsive Web Application that VelanApps follow.

Increase Engagement and Satisfaction

Increase Engagement
and Satisfaction

There will be an increase in engagement and satisfaction level of the employees in terms of their work as you will be delegating more meaningful and strategic tasks rather than repetitive ones.

Indirect Costs

Reduce Direct and
Indirect Costs

The normal routine tasks can be handled by software bots and the digital workforce, giving time for employees to choose projects that are on high priority while reducing the overall cost.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Outstanding Customer

Robotic Process Automation Services bots provide highly effective customer service and experience that is carried out with the result of a customer-centric response. It enables organizations to provide 24/7 support and helps in the automation of the on boarding process.

Enhancing Cybersecurity


Through effective utilization of RPA services, you can easily reduce cyber frauds, early detection of threats, quickly respond to security-related incidents and totally eliminate unauthorized access to any systems.

Industry And Functional Excellence

Our proven technological expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled us to provide high-quality input and long-term commitment to projects even after they are completed. By understanding each client’s requirements and objectives, we can offer the most suitable automation service that goes beyond the vision and helps organizations realize their technical intricacies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is primarily a software solution that can handle repetitive tasks that humans would normally carry out on a computer system. There is a huge improvement in the technology resulting in accuracy and speed.

Robotic Process Automation has a strong base in Finance, so it is predominantly used in invoice processing, accounts payable, reconciliation, and other aspects of finance. It is also used in Human Resource departments through tasks like employee on boarding's, holiday management, and much more.

With the help of technology, the implementation process has become a quick one. The whole project is completed within a span of a few weeks.

The best processes are the ones that are repetitive and can be performed separately. Normally, there has to be high transaction volume, check if they are error-prone, are highly structured or rule-based, has a stable and well-defined process.

RPA should be initiated after assessing the company for automation opportunities, building a business case related to RPA, determining the operational model, and planning the automation roadmap and other plans.