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The process of modernizing legacy software imposes a burden on your current digital system and offers guidance on whether it should undergo an upgrade or be replaced.

Software modernization is pivotal to business growth. Legacy software modernization weighs down the existing software in your digital system and offers guidance on whether it must be upgraded or be replaced. The key is to improve performance, build avenues for transformation, improve efficiency, safeguard data and enable functions like modeling, forecasting and automation.

Legacy Software Modernization Company

Do you feel your business requires a refresh button? Do not worry when we are here!

Most companies feel the heat of modernization, because of the cost involved in it and the time it consumes. Before embarking on this journey, there should be a clear roadmap and experts who have experience in software modernization with the best knowledge and skills.At VelanApps, we make sure that your business is not at any kind of risk due to outdated software and applications. We are here to provide your business with comprehensive solutions that will still be relevant even after 10 years.

Need for End-to-End App Modernization Services

Frankly, there are many reasons to rely on and embark on Legacy Software Modernization services, here are some of the primary reasons why you should choose to transform:


Cost Reduction


Untimely Error Eradication


Streamlining All the Processes


Eliminating Manual Labor


Swift ROI Achievement


Forecasting Enhancement

Legacy Application Modernization Services at VelanApps

We at VelanApps are sincere about providing a wide range of Software Modernization Services that comprise app evolution, re-engineering, redesign, and seamless migration to the cloud. These services are tailor-made to reduce maintenance expenses while boosting the performance, security, scalability, and overall functionality of Application Modernization.


Application Modernization Consultation

We take care of your entire legacy application code and infrastructure and conduct a comprehensive analysis to conclude. VelanApps makes sure to meet your specific needs and offers solutions for optimizing the current investments to the maximum extent possible.


Legacy Application Migration to the Cloud

VelanApps has three unique pathways that are conveniently made according to your application and business needs, application re-hosting, application re-platforming, and cloud-native implementation.


Application Refinement

In the process of leveraging our expertise in legacy application modernization, we fulfill your need to make modifications to the code and design of your enterprise applications. The overall benefits include web and mobile enablement, improved aesthetics, simplified and efficient updates, and maintenance from time to time.


Application Architecture Refinement

We are experts in restructuring an application’s architecture to improve flexibility, scalability, integration capabilities, and overall security. The current modern architecture is convenient to maintain and evolve. Our approach touches on contemporary architectural criteria like service-oriented architecture (SOA), microservices, and serverless implementation.


Application Rejuvenation through Recoding

VelanApps believes in employing modern programming languages and frameworks so that the application remains relevant. We thoroughly follow the applications built through legacy languages and platforms like PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, C++, or COBOL.


Application Containerization

We offer the unparalleled privilege of containerizing the applications or the components by isolating them at the initial operating system level. The advantages of this process are reduced resource consumption, simplified scalability and seamless movement across different environments.

Apps We Happily Modernize

Web Applications

Renewal of Enterprise

Renewal of Enterprise Software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Business Intelligence (BI), and Data Warehousing.

Web Applications

Modernization of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI/ML Software

VelanApps is your trusted and reliable partner for the Modernization of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI/ML Software.

Web Applications

Here, we take care of upgrading and modernization of Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications that will align with the current technological standard and user expectations.

Platforms that we work on

Web Applications

Dynamics 365:

VelanApps offers tailor-made solutions and services that are primarily designed to optimize the Dynamics 365 Platform. It paves the way for seamless integration and revised performance.

Web Applications


We practice delivering custom enhancements and solutions for Salesforce. We empower businesses to weigh their progressive capabilities.

Web Applications


Our specialized modernization services are structured to improve and optimize e-commerce platforms that are built on Magento and enhance unified functionality and performance. /p>

Web Applications


The modernization solution provided by VelanApps for SharePoint embraces collaboration and content management and streamlines business processes, improving the overall efficiency of the platform.

Web Applications

ServiceNow and Other Diverse Platforms:

VelanApps offers broad modernization services for ServiceNow and other distinct platforms at present. We align them all with present-day business requirements and technological developments.


Why choose VelanApps?

Being a software modernization company, VelanApps has over a decade of experience in legacy modernization, and we are proudly the preferred choice for clients who need to migrate complex and critical systems while extenuating risks. Our highly professional and experienced engineers are qualified in both legacy and contemporary technologies. Our area of expertise is in a diverse range of legacy technologies, z/OS, COBOL, JCL, IMS, CA, Gen, and many others. We have designed and created our own set of tools, like compilers and code converters, which are specifically developed to solve critical transformational challenges

Application Modernization with VelanApps- The Cost Involved

At VelanApps, we give more prominence to the critical cost factors that are instrumental in the successful implementation of the services. Here, we depend on the following factors.


Application Complexity and Dependencies

Application Complexity and Dependencies


Data Transfer Volume

Data Transfer Volume


Application Longevity and Cloud Readiness

Application Longevity and Cloud Readiness


Testing Requirements

The testing efforts required for a successful modernization also factor into the overall cost assessment.

The role of automation is crucial when it is applied to the modernization process. The overall cost of relevant software licenses including code conversion tools is a decisive cost determinant.

What Are The Technologies We Use?

VelanApps is dedicated to transforming businesses through innovative yet simple digital solutions. This involves combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with our creative insights to deliver desired results that enable to accomplish your goals and more.

Our team of seasoned professionals are proficient in a wide array of technologies, ensuring that we can tackle diverse projects with grace.

Explore the technologies and tools we employ to give you the best results.

Enriching Business Potential through Innovation and Technology

Back-End Programming Languages

  • net
  • php
  • python
  • Java
  • node

Front-End Programming Languages

  • html
  • css
  • js

JavaScript Frameworks

  • angular
  • react
  • meteor
  • vue
  • next
  • ember


  • ios
  • android
  • xamarin
  • cordova
  • pwa
  • reactnative
  • flutter
  • ionic
  • swift
  • kotlin


  • magento

Databases / Data Storages

  • sqlserver
  • mysql
  • sql
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb

Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage

  • amazons3
  • redshift
  • amazondynamodb
  • documentdb
  • rds
  • amazoneelasticache
  • azuresql
  • azureblob
  • dynamic
  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • sharepoint
  • servicenow
  • power
  • sap
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What Is Our Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

We undertake a thorough assessment that includes assessing the architecture of the current system, determining pain spots, determining scalability, examining security flaws, and comprehending business objectives. This enables us to customize a modernization plan to your unique requirements.

Indeed, minimizing interruption is our first priority when modernizing. To achieve a smooth transition with as little impact on daily operations as possible, we frequently employ tactics like phased migration, incremental upgrades, and comprehensive testing.

The duration of the software modernization process varies depending on the complexity of the existing system, the scope of modernization, and other factors. We provide a detailed timeline during the initial assessment phase.

Yes, data migration is often a crucial component of modernization. We ensure a seamless transfer of data from legacy systems to the new environment, prioritizing data integrity, security, and minimal downtime.