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We create perfectly crafted custom mobile apps and more!

Mobile App Development Services

VelanApps possess over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies, highly passionate about delivering apps that work flawlessly and uniquely. Our forte lies in creating cross-platform, native, and scalable web apps. We custom-create apps that are

Enterprise Solution
  • Enterprise Solution

    High-performing - Efficient and smooth on various devices.

  • Enterprise Solution

    Scalability - Handles increased user traffic and data volume.

  • Enterprise Solution

    User-centric - Prioritizes end-users' needs and preferences.

  • Enterprise Solution

    Agile - Emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iteration.

  • Enterprise Solution

    Distinctive - Stands out with unique, innovative features.

Who are we?
Velanapps - Leading Mobile App
Developers in India & USA

Helping Businesses Make 2x ROI

VelanApps, founded in 2007, is a leading software development company with like-minded and passionate team of experts on the board. We are committed to delivering perfect solutions to our clients by working with them closely.

Our passion for technology has enabled us to effortlessly master the art of designing and developing challenging mobile applications that work seamlessly. Perfection is not something we aim at, it’s our way of life at VelanApps. Rest assured, when you partner with us you will see your dream taking shape and coming into reality just the way you want it.

Enterprise Solution

Empowering Businesses And Individuals To Build Their Dream App

Have Delivered
300+ apps

Are Housing 50+ Certified

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Mobile App Design

What are the Mobile App Services We Offer?

VelanApps excels not only in aiding with particular phases of development but also in delivering end-to-end solutions for mobile apps. Our comprehensive range of mobile app development offerings encompasses the following


Product Design

We redefine product designs by creating visually captivating and intuitively interacting designs. We effortlessly blend innovation and technology to design products that resonate with your thoughts.



We seamlessly blend our industry know-how with innovative thinking to provide strategies that elevate your app's performance, user experience, and market presence.


Mobile App Design

Our design prowess transforms ideas into stunning visual narratives. Every pixel crafted with purpose, every interaction sculpted for seamless usability. We infuse innovation into aesthetics, ensuring your app doesn't just look good.


Mobile App Development

At VelanApps, mobile app development is our niche. We write codes that are meticulous and bug-free turning your ideas into high-performing and feature-rich digital realities.


Mobile App Integration

Seamless integration is our strength at VelanApps. With our Mobile App Integration service, we ensure your app works harmoniously across platforms and systems. Our adept engineers navigate complexities with finesse.


Quality Assurance & Support

Precision is paramount at VelanApps, Quality Assurance is our everything. We meticulously go through every line of code, every interaction, and every feature, ensuring no room for errors.

What Are The Industries
We Cater To?

VelanApps excels in the creation of iOS and Android applications that effectively complement or serve as alternatives to web solutions. With a portfolio showcasing over 350 accomplished mobile app projects, we ensure the success of your app by delivering striking UI designs, secure app code, and resilient backend infrastructures. Our professional development services cover various types of industries and apps:

Our mobile app services cater to all demographics, platforms, and devices.

  • Healthcare and Fitness Apps
  • Education and Learning
  • Telehealth Apps
  • Real Estate
  • Ticketing and Booking
  • Messaging and VoIP
  • Gaming and Sports
  • AR/ VR
  • Insurance Apps
  • Investment Apps
  • Media & Entertainment

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What Are Some of the
Modern Mobile Features that You Will Need?

Whether creating business-oriented or user-centric mobile applications, we harness our adeptness in diverse technologies and tools to craft apps that are genuinely valuable and deserving of a prime spot on your users' devices. While certain features might overlap, each app remains distinct: we pinpoint a distinctive value proposition for every application and customize its features to precisely cater to the specific needs of its target audience.



Mutli-device sync

Mutli-device sync

Geolocation tagging

Geolocation tagging



Voice/video calling

Voice/video calling and messaging

Image recognition

Image recognition


Booking and scheduling

QR scanning

QR scanning

Push notifications

Push notifications

smart watches

Integration with smart watches and tv




Business Intelligence

How Are We Unique?

Delivering Values is at the heart of VelanApps, it’s who we are. We have a can-do-it attitude with the appropriate skills to deliver everything your vision is. Here’s why we are unique:

Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution


Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution


Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution

Problem Solvers

Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution


Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution


What Is Our Work

What Are The Technologies We Use?

VelanApps is dedicated to transforming businesses through innovative yet simple digital solutions. This involves combining cutting-edge tools and technologies with our creative insights to deliver desired results that enable to accomplish your goals and more.

Our team of seasoned professionals are proficient in a wide array of technologies, ensuring that we can tackle diverse projects with grace.

Explore the technologies and tools we employ to give you the best results.

Enriching Business Potential through Innovation and Technology

Back-End Programming Languages

  • net
  • php
  • python
  • Java
  • node

Front-End Programming Languages

  • html
  • css
  • js

JavaScript Frameworks

  • angular
  • react
  • meteor
  • vue
  • next
  • ember


  • ios
  • android
  • xamarin
  • cordova
  • pwa
  • reactnative
  • flutter
  • ionic
  • swift
  • kotlin


  • magento

Databases / Data Storages

  • sqlserver
  • mysql
  • sql
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb

Cloud Databases, Warehouses, and Storage

  • amazons3
  • redshift
  • amazondynamodb
  • documentdb
  • rds
  • amazoneelasticache
  • azuresql
  • azureblob
  • dynamic
  • salesforce
  • adobe
  • sharepoint
  • servicenow
  • power
  • sap
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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe varies based on complexity and features. Simple apps may take a few weeks, while more complex ones can take several months.

Absolutely, we support the entire process, from development to deployment, ensuring your app meets all requirements for submission to app stores.

We prioritize security by implementing encryption, secure coding practices, and regular testing to identify and address vulnerabilities.

We offer post-launch support, including monitoring, troubleshooting, and addressing any issues that may arise after the mobile app is live.