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As companies collect huge amounts of data from customers, products, markets, transactions, and other social elements, it becomes extremely important to maintain and manage the data that is collected to get the most out of it. Data Management Services at VelanApps helps extensively in managing the data efficiently and creating accurate reports to ensure that the company is in line with the organizational goals.

Data Management Offering At VelanApps

  • Data Governance
    VelanApps evaluates the existing data governance standards and levels up to make sure there is sufficient data availability, integration, quality, data security, proper usage of data, and much more.
  • Data Integration
    VelanApps also helps in consolidating data from disparate data sources with extract, transform, and data virtualization.
  • Data Storage
    At VelanApps, we offer services for designing, implementing, and supporting storage solutions for different datasets.
  • Data Security
    We provide setting up data security to prevent any unauthorized data access and inappropriate usage of data.

The Data Quality Standards We Aim For

VelanApps is focused on keeping a checklist of must-haves in its data management consulting services process.

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Data Management Services At VelanApps

Data Management Consulting

Data Management Consulting

VelanApps is ready to offer any kind of solution for your data management venture. They have the expertise to provide actionable deliverables so that your data turns into value.

Data Management Software Implementation

Data Management Software Implementation

The business analysts, architects, and developers in VelanApps have the skill and expertise to build software that will enable full-cycle data management that includes cost-efficient storage and secure sharing platforms.

Data Management Solution Enhancement

Data Management Solution Enhancement

We will help to get your software to the next level of accuracy and functionality. VelanApps will be there to solve all the issues related to data software and requirements.

Data management As a Service

Data management As a Service

Concentrate on your main goals as we handle the complexity of the data. Our Data management as a service promotes innovation and growth by providing customized solutions ranging from integration to analysis. Unlock the power of your data with ease.

Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions For Specific Industry Needs

Solutions for data management that are specifically designed to satisfy industry needs. From healthcare to financial services, we tailor data strategies to meet the specific needs of your industry while maintaining efficiency and legal compliance.

Industry-defined capabilities

Industry-defined capabilities
With over many years of experience in delivering projects in different industries, VelanApps has expertise in data sources, software requirements, and other integrations that will be required to help different customers.

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Regulatory Compliance:
We have our in-house compliance experts who will take care of all the compliance-related industry-specific regulations.

Continuous growth

Continuous growth
Our experts keep updating with the recent trends and ongoing challenges to be in line with the industry changes. VelanApps is fully equipped to plan and deliver solutions that go with the latest trends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Management Services operations consist of data collecting, validating, integrating, and storing. VelanApps also ensures high quality, availability, security, and disaster recovery.

With the help of such services, companies can make data-driven decisions, increase operational efficiency, and enhance productivity. On the other hand, there will be fewer data loss, minimized security risks, and increased customer satisfaction.

Structured data (like databases), semi-structured data (like XML), and unstructured data (like text documents, photos) are all sorts of data that DMS can handle.

To safeguard your data from unwanted access, breaches, and cyber threats, trusted companies of data management services do in fact employ strong security features including encryption, access controls, data masking, and routine audits.

When choosing a provider of data management services, take into account aspects like cost-effectiveness, industry knowledge, scalability, adaptability, security precautions, and customer testimonials.