As one of the top 10 designers on DesignHill, our clients, and more importantly the audience, love our designs. Our position on this global portal, speaks volumes about our innovative and creative resources. For effective and timeless branding, hit a home run with designs that ricochet your identity, uniqueness and value proposition.Branding involves designing all aspects of your company right from logo and stationery, to websites or mobile applications. In the case of manufacturing companies, we also undertake product designing and all kinds of print designs such as posters, flyers, brochures, vehicle wraps, shipping labels, etc.

Your brand is your foundation. Branding isn’t just about great design, it is a profound strategy of embedding your identity in the minds of your consumers by assessing and re-inventing persistently. Simply put, your products may be created in factories, but your brand evolves in the mind of your end-user. That’s the long haul, and that’s what Identity branding is all about. Our simple 4-phase Loop Strategy for Branding is a sure-shot way of getting into your consumers’ minds.

Identity Branding Focus

Meet the loop

We’re a loopy lot of designers and our designs exude quality coupled with quick TAT, all thanks to this little loop we live by! So meet the loop and you’ll know how our robust business processes help us create miracles every day.

meet the loop
meet the loop
meet the loop
meet the loop
meet the loop
meet the loop
meet the loop


The Create phase is all about you, your business, and your audience. We delve into your brand, what makes it unique, and why your clients prefer you over others. We put our eccentric creatives at work, with our UX experts closely navigating the design perspective. We do design sprints to identify what works best and delivers value to you and your customers alike. We give you Design for Function.



decipher is an amalgamation of Collect, Examine and Justify – We find out what makes your target audience tick. Our ideas resonate around how we can voice your Product’s or Organization’s personality via design. Research, some fieldwork perhaps, and a possible workshop with you in this phase can help in getting the perspective right.



Well, the DESIGN phase is when we get the ball rolling. We roll up our already short sleeves and get to work! Short design sprints and a lean workflow ensure we churn out only the best. Plans get executed and we get stuff done. We shape your brand’s new identity in small increments to encourage real user feedback early on!


VelanAppsapplies a comprehensive approach for brand growth & recognition. The Accelerate strategy is about understanding our progress and weighing the success of it. Simply put, the accelerate phase is branding-done-right.



This phase is our Vantage Point. Did we do it right? Is it working? We have an amazing team whose niche is gathering metrics and understanding the user engagement meter. This team sits to analyze the incremental performance of the new designs, based on real user feedback from your target audience. And what’s more is, they work in tandem with the design team during the design phase and afterwards.



This phase is where we reinvent. We corroborate all facts and figures from the Gauge phase, and put them to positively propel the direction and pace of the project.We filter out the constructive statistics and move on the Decipher Phase, i.e next sprint. The loop helps us stay on-track and work towards enriching our output.


From Letter Mark Logos to Brand Mascots – we’ve got you covered. With more than 54 design awards under our wing, we are among the top 10 designers on DesignHill! What more do you need to know? Here’s a list of the kinds of logos we excel at:

  • Emblem
  • Letter-mark
  • Symbol
  • Mascot
  • Word-mark
  • Combination
  • Abstract



Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe

Responsive designs that voice out your brand identity eloquently no matter what device your consumer uses! Fluid UX and intuitive UI ensure high User Engagement, while crisp and cogent content propels customer acquisition.

We have robust experience in designing eCommerce stores, Web Applications, Responsive Websites, static websites, and dynamic websites. We take web design seriously and employ a profound understanding of UX and UI while creating our designs. Our websites are engaging and built around the concept of reducing bounce rates of websites.



  • Reduced consumer bounce rate
  • Increased user-engagement
  • Great call-to-action
  • Modern layout of content and design
  • Light websites that are fast to load
  • Pixel perfect designs
  • Use of quality media
  • Industry-oriented designs ranging from corporate to youthful


Small Screen; Big Impact

To say that the mobile app industry is booming – would be an understatement. Smartphones control the lives of the very consumers you are targeting. Why be on their desktop as a website, when you can stay in the palm of their hand?

That’s the power of Mobile Applications! The interaction between your consumer and your brand is 400% more, compared to the interaction capacity of your website, with your consumer! That’s a whopping gap and the exact reason why most brands and companies prefer to engage with their users as a downloadable mobile application.

Identity Branding Focus

Think about it. Mobile is the closest you’d get to your consumer. We’re deep into the mobile revolution – don’t get left behind. With award winning App designs and a robust techie team.

Print &advertising

You’ve to be ODD to be Number 1!

With an unending plethora of designs in the print and advertising category, we can all but say, we’re the best. Our advertising revolves around “eye-catching”,which is why our designs penetrate your customer’s mind and make amark. A unique reminder of your brand!

Identity Branding Focus


Corporate Identity & Branding

  • Logo
  • Business Card
  • Letter Head & Envelope
  • Invoice template
  • File/Folder design
  • Pen-drive design
  • ID Cards
  • CD Covers
  • Logo Guide

Web & Mobile

  • Corporate Website
  • eCommerce Website
  • Web Applications
  • Admin Portal/Dashboard
  • B2C/B2B portals
  • iOS/Android mobile Applications
  • App Storyboard
  • App Theme Design
  • Hybrid App

Graphic Design

  • Illustration
  • App Icon
  • Vector & Art
  • 3D Designs
  • Icon
  • Theme Design
  • PPT
  • Character Design

Print Design

  • Book Cover
  • Advertisement
  • Calendar
  • Greeting Cards
  • Product Catalogue
  • Label Design
  • Storyboard Infographic
  • Vehicle Wraps Design
  • Invitation
  • Magazine
  • Menu Card
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Products Pack
  • Brochure & Flyer
  • Bottle Design
  • Rubber Stamp
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