Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a potent mix of SEO, SEM and Social. If your average consumer is digital, then therein lies your opportunity! And trust us, in today’s consumer landscape an average consumer is “more than average” when it comes to being digital. The “advent of Smartphone” is already passé! We’re in the nucleus of AI where a consumer “asks” his device to perform an online search


Social Media

We help you zero-in on your target audience/consumer base and create your presence in the right Social Media Platforms. For example, if you’re selling products for millennials, we’d suggest Snapchat as your first option because we know that 75% of Snapchat’s user-base is aged less than 25 and the portal is gaining popularity at an exponential rate!


social media marketing services

  • Run Campaign Ad
  • Ad:Keyword Research
  • Location Based Marketing
  • Bidding Analysis & Optimization
  • Event, Product and Services-based Marketing
  • Reach the Right Customers
  • Increase your Website traffic using SMM
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Insightful Reports

social media optimization

  • Social Media Account Creation
  • Social Account Maintenance
  • Right Audience Engagements
  • Increase Profile/Page Likes & Followers
  • Improve Visibility & Reputation
  • Insightful Reports

sem& adwords

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) revolves around marketing and increasing the traffic to your website. The more the traffic, the better your chances of conversion, customer acquisition, elevated ROI, increased sales etc. SEM directly benefits your SEO efforts thanks to all the pouring traffic.

google adwordsCampaign Types

search network

  • Standard (Keyword targeted text ads)
  • Call Only
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Dynamic Search Ads

display network

  • Standard (Keyword targeted text ads)
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Dynamic Search Ads


  • Standard (Ads driving views, awarness
    & conversions)
  • Mobile App Promotion
  • Dynamic Search Ads


  • Shopping Ads
  • (Ads promoting your product inventory
    from google merchant center)

universal app campaign

  • App install campaign that
    run across the search
  • Display and Youtube
    ad networks



At Velan, we generate insightful reports and provide tailored advice as to how your business or website can be more visible in various search engine results – every search engine uses unique algorithms and crawlers. We help you get that coveted spot in search results.


  • Website Audit
  • Website Ranking Improvement
  • Organic and Referral Traffic
  • Website Link Structure Analysis
  • Website User Navigation/Accessibility
  • Google Mapping
  • Brand Exposure(Products & Services)
  • Site Indexing
  • Keyword Research/Targeting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Analysis


  • Google Analytics Creation & Monitoring
  • Goal Setting(Products & Services) & Tracking
  • Visitor Behavior Analysis
  • Website Code Analysis
  • Position Monitoring
  • Social Network Reach
  • Increase Backlinks
  • Link Building
  • Keyword-based Content Optimization
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