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Web and mobile applications have become an inevitable part of our lives and they apparently make our lives much easier. VelanApps has been providing exemplary web and mobile development services to clients from different countries.

We have the best designers in town who are ranked 10th in the Designhill contest for the outstanding designers. Designhill is a place to find the best designers to work for you and we take pride in stating that our designers have been constantly featured on Designhill. Our developers are very efficient and everyone is certified developers. Whatever your requirement is we interpret it and have a solution for every problem you may have.

We follow scrum methodology in developing software. On using Scrum rules, we are able to achieve faster deliveries with high quality.

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web development

We help you grow your business by bringing your dream website to reality

We offer a wide range of web development solutions that will transform your business and take your business to higher levels.

We are able to do this to you by working in close association with you to understand your needs well and provide highly customized solutions to fit your requirements precisely.

html5 and css3

Get your web pages compatible on every device with our adept team of designers and developers

We are able to do this to you by working in close association with you to understand your needs wIn today’s advancing web world, having a user friendly and all-device-compatible website is a must for your development. HTML5 (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the languages used in web development to convert your web pages to fit all the devices.

Our front end team is well read and they always stay updated in this ever changing field. Plus they bear in mind the varying screen sizes, browsers, and operating systems to convert your web pages according to your wish.
ell and provide highly customized solutions to fit your requirements precisely.

Some of our HTML 5 and CSS services include

psd to html | email template | Theme Development Landing Page | Admin Panel | Form Template


Wouldn’t it be amazing to manage your content on your own without external support?

VelanApps provides you with some intelligent content management services using Wordpress. You can create and publish your web content with no hassles. Wordpress is a Content Management System that lets you manage your content easily online. Can you imagine you can use the latest technologies to increase traffic in your website? We will help you get started once the website is built

Our CMS services include

Themes | PlugIns | Web Optimization | Web Security API Integration | Custom Development |eCommerce Upgrade/Migration | Multi Sites


Looking for a certified team of magento developers? Stop looking! We are right here!

Having an ecommerce store is essential for your business growth. Magento is the trending ecommerce website CMS. It is highly flexible, secure, and fast and it is cost effective. We have a highly skilled magento team in house to provide you with wonderful ecommerce websites.

The most awaited Magento 2 is available now. We are all equipped to give you the most wonderful ecommerce website out there.

Below are our services

Themes | Extensions | Web Optimization | Web Security | API Integration | Custom Development | Enterprise Upgrade/Migration |Multi Sites / Store | Magento 2


Would you like to have a highly innovative and interactive website using the most praised CMS?

Joomla is the most powerful and popular Content Management System. Our Joomla experts will cater to all your needs and stay well ahead of your expectations. Using CMS softwares your websites become much friendlier to search engines, esp. Google and yahoo. Joomla is rated as the best CMS software which gives you all the more reason to go for it.

Take a look at the services we offer

Themes | PlugIns | Web Optimization | Web Security API Integration | Custom Development | eCommerce | Upgrade/Migration | Modules | Extensions
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custom applications development

Many a time, a functionality that suits your needs may not be available in the market. This is why we custom build the applications and websites the way you want them. Custom building your applications will help you have a competitive edge in the global and umpteen benefits

At Velan, we don’t just provide solutions to the problems you have, we are always one step ahead & give you more insights on how you could build your website in a better fashion. We provide you with websites that are highly cost effective, flexible, and scalable

quality assurance

we verify and validate before deliveries

Quality is of paramount importance to us.

So what you worry, when we have everything covered?

QUALITY is of paramount importance to us at Velan. This is why we test everything we develop, to ensure the product is flawless. We have ISTQB certified testers, who endeavor to deliver the best version of the product to you.

We perform Manual Testing and Automated Testing, based on the necessity.

Technology we use for Automated Testing


As far as manual testing is concerned, we follow the STLC lifecycle to test our codes. We will give you a detailed test report at the time of product delivery

web optimization

web optimization

Web optimization is one of the key elements to enhance the performance of your website. At Velan, we have an expert team working on web optimization who give their best to optimize your website by enhancing the speeds of uploads and downloads, faster scrolling, faster page loading, and quicker navigation.

Web optimization makes us stand out from our competitors, as not many of them do it.

web optimization

web security

Maintaining web security is as much important as having a website. We follow all the coding security standards to ensure your website is safe and secure.

Additionally, we follow the standards of Information Security Management System and Quality Management System to ensure the security and quality of the websites.


Mobile apps can create some real opportunities for your business and we will help you reap the best of it

The usage of smart phones has become exceedingly huge. An average user spends over 3 hours in their phones in which 80% of the time is spent on some apps. The kind of business a mobile application can bring you is colossal

Basically, having an app can give your brand real value. It goes without saying that we understand the importance of a mobile app which is why we fervently create apps that have brilliant designs and visuals to give your users an unparalleled user experience

We develop native apps for iOS and Android and hybrid ones to suit your needs



We know what makes the apple devices tick. Fret not! We’ve got you covered

iOS is one of the powerful and intelligent operating systems out there and we know how to work with the incredible interfaces and features of iOS. We have well experienced iOS app developers in Velan who can understand your needs and create apps that can work well on the amazing apple devices.

 hybrid app


We have built umpteen apps in android, and we know the process the like the back our hands

Android is a very famous operating system. Over 70% of the people in the world use mobile devices that support Android. Velan is a proud developer of android apps since we have been doing it for a long while. We will also help you gain the advantages from having an android app


We write in all languages

We write codes in all languages. This is mainly because each client’s requirements differ and we feel strongly against one size fits all approach. We have skilled experts who write codes in all languages to suit your specific needs.