About The Client:

The Silicon Valley based distributor of electrical components and automation needed to replace their existing, outdated inventory and sales management system with a cloud based solution that was efficient, robust, and expandable.

The customer employs an on-premises system designed in the 1990s. To increase revenue, the customer requested that we create a new digital solution that included inventory management, purchasing, a sales platform, and an ecommerce website. The client wants to use VelanApps expertise and experience for this project.


  • Create a cloud based system capable of handling over 9 million SKUs.
  • Importing 200K SKUs with specifications, quantities, and prices from their current system.
  • Importing an additional 9 million SKUs into their existing database.
  • Managing inventories in several domestic and international warehouses.
  • The project needed to be finished within a specific time frame.

Our Solutions

  • VelanApps software architects created a roadmap for a dynamic, robust, and scalable ecommerce platform based on the newest Magento version.
  • The architecture was configured to make optimal use of computational resources.
  • The system was created with DevOps tools such as CloudWatch, CodeBuild, and BitBucket to monitor, build, deploy, and test the application. AWS CodePipeline was utilized for CD/CI.
  • The team used an Agile approach and divided the scope into sprints to plan, track, and improve the quality of the release.
  • Strict code-level optimization ensures that the program runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Project management strategies were utilized to plan, identify, and manage risks, as well as to manage resources, budgets, and communicate with teams and stakeholders.
  • Velan’s ISO 9001-certified procedure assisted in monitoring and managing deliverables.


  • Without any issues or unscheduled downtime, we successfully moved over 200K SKUs and imported over 9 million SKUs.
  • VelanApps ecommerce team guaranteed that the application was built on schedule.
  • The client began receiving new business inquiries and orders via the ecommerce website.
  • The client is now able to manage inventories in real time across multiple domestic and international warehouses.

Order processing times were cut in half and revenue increased by 14% following the implementation of the new solution in the first quarter.