About the Client:

The client was a prestigious Houston-based healthcare organization that provided medical services to suit the demands of the community.

Challenges Faced By Client:

The client was utilizing an antiquated, ineffective personnel management software that produced reports that were full of mistakes and inaccurate information. The goal of the company was to increase employee productivity and satisfaction by expediting the process and doing away with manual labor. Because of this, the business required a solution that would automate manual operations whenever it could and streamline the time monitoring procedure.

Our Solutions:

VelanApps made the decision to automate the entire process with little participation from the staff by implementing a centralized time tracking software throughout the entire organization. To enable quicker employee adaptation with minimal training, a straightforward interface with user-friendly features was chosen. VelanApps researched the current software and devised a smooth transition to the new one. In order to give employees the greatest experience possible, the software was continuously updated after it was put into place based on input from the workforce.


The software maintained an accurate record of the amount of time spent on the project and indicated 100% compliance throughout the whole organization. The implementation of automation and the elimination of double entry resulted in a 30% boost in process efficiency. Furthermore, 95% of the staff members expressed satisfaction and comfort with the interface.


VelanApps time tracking solution was effective; most manual operations were automated, which resulted in a significant increase in employee productivity. The executives were able to assess employee productivity with a variety of pertinent facts thanks to the thorough reports that were generated. Our solution ensured compliance across the entire organization by making it comfortable for the employees to use.


Java and .NET technology