8 Compelling Reasons You Should Upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Accelerated Performance

Businesses embracing Magento 2 will have a significant improvement in their performance speed as it employs an enhanced indexer and Varnish cache to speed up cache requests. VelanApps specializes in bringing down the average duration in which a page loads thereby offering a satisfying experience for the clients. Instant response and smooth database operations are other advantages of Magento 2.


VelanApps helps businesses to become more flexible by offering scalable Magento 2 solutions. That can be customize according to the workload. Growing businesses need to prepare for the future and Magento 2 is the best bet to make sure that your platform is not overwhelmed by peak loads. With powerful caching tools and tools to generate projections for future performance loads. Magento 2 assists businesses in every way to scale their operations.

Improved Stability

Magento 2 is under continuous development with numerous daily features and bug fixes resulting in a stable platform and hence businesses need not worry about stability. Also, VelanApps ensures that all the core data from Magento 1 is migrate to Magento 2 during the upgrade thereby ensuring consistency and continuity. Thus, the new version offers much reliability for the eCommerce website.

Secure Infrastructure

Magento 2 is equipped with all the Magento 1 security features. But is more secure and private as it has a much different infrastructure and additional security features such as SHA-256 hashing algorithms, an Magento 2 extension for 2-factor authentication and much more. Usage of knockout JS, customizable backup option and unique admin URL are additional security features involve. VelanApps builds upon this security by employing encrypted web servers and access-based restrictions.

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Streamlined Experience

Enhanced customer experience is one of the major advantages of the Magento 2 platform. Which offers a quick and secure checkout process. Relevant payment methods like Paypal, customized shipping rates, and a comprehensive order summary contribute to a user-friendly experience. VelanApps accelerates the checkout process, helping in bringing down the checkout time thereby offering the customer smooth shopping experience.

Detailed Reporting

A comprehensive report is vital for any business, particularly an eCommerce business. As it gives powerful insights into business operations such as revenue, expenditure, and efficient usage of resources. Magento 2 offers a detailed analysis of orders, products, and customers, allowing business owners and executives to better plan for future management decisions.

Updated and Responsive Design

VelanApps by employing Magento 2 ensures that the customers have an optimal user experience in desktops as well as mobile devices. User experience is further enhance by the implementation of mobile responsive interface making it easier to access from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This helps businesses in customer retention as they spend more time in the platform, browsing through the website with relative ease.

Enhanced Customization

Magento 2 allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By offering the option to customize their user experience without compromising on efficiency and output. With a multitude of themes available, businesses can personalize their website and tailor the themes according to the needs of their customers.