About the Client:

The client operates a global textile Ecommerce company that sells products to clients worldwide.

E-commerce Website Challenges:

Client’s Magento powered eCommerce site the following issues:

  • Ecommerce website was built in initial version of Magento, as a result the performance of the site is too low.  
  • Website has user interface issues like navigation, viewing product detail page experience and complicated check out process.
  • Website has many unwanted and deprecated extensions which slow down the website.
  • Magento, extensions and themes has to be upgraded.

Our Solution:

After analyzing the Ecommerce website thoroughly, VelanApps suggested to move the server from normal dedicated to cloud server (Managed Hosting)

VelanApps Team Implemented The Following:

  • Created an environment classification for the Development, Staging and Production.
  • Moved the code to the distributed platform github.
  • Enabled the schedule backups and created some snapshot in the cloud.
  • Required upgrades of Magento version, its extensions and themes were completed.
  • For customer engagement, VelanApps suggested and implemented new designs for home and product page.
  • Created an interactive checkout process page by suggesting related products to be added to the cart.
  • Notifications are configured for the entire platform with the third-party SMTP to decrease spam.
  • Optimization of the website performance is done in the development environment.
  • Implemented the security standards for the website by Web Application Firewall (Which filters out malicious traffic before it reaches your Magento shop)

VelanApps Ecommerce team successfully updated the website with all required upgrades.

The website traffic improved significantly and its performance increased rapidly. 

Based on the Last month sales report, the current average revenue for this ecommerce website is 3x times increased